Creating Holiday Traditions of Giving Back

What fun for me to co-present with expert Lisa Parker for our November First Wednesday Webinar discussion on engaging multiple generations in yearend giving! Lisa had so many great examples of: How can I make service and giving part of our family holiday traditions? When are children old enough to give? In what ways can we add a greater sense of value by focusing on giving, rather than gifts?

The holidays can be an especially hectic time. While the celebrations honor historic traditions of generosity and kindness, our days seem filled by the “need” to buy for others. Lisa shared simple ideas, tricks and tools to incorporate giving into your family holiday traditions—based on what she sees work for her clients and her own family. She drew upon resources and best practices from Family Circle Advisor’s The Hip Family’s Guide to Happier Holidays and our members-only library.

If you don’t already know Lisa Parker, you will LOVE her after hearing her in this presentation. Her authenticity and expertise come through so clearly and I am so very lucky to count her among Catalytic Women’s talented advisory board members. She is a sought-after speaker, expert on youth and Millennial giving, third generation philanthropist, and founder of Family Circle Advisors. In our discussion, Lisa shared highlights from the Hip Family’s Guide to Happier Holidays and practical ways to engage all generations in giving back. Many of Lisa’s suggestions help me achieve my own vision for Catalytic Women of convening a community of women leaders who are influential decision-makers in wealth and giving. Perhaps because we’re also moms, we do share a passion for effective giving, community involvement, social innovation, and engaging women in giving—at any level—to make a big impact.

Watch our podcast and let me know your favorite new family holiday tradition for giving back.


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