Double & Triple Bottom Line Philanthropy

Our October 2013 webinar discussion on Double/Triple Bottom Line Philanthropy explored emerging tools for high-leverage giving, answering: What are social venture philanthropy and impact  investing? Is microfinance a good use of my charitable dollars? Is there a role for a business-like approach that can maximize the return on my “investment” in philanthropy?

Many new tools for giving combine the best of business and philanthropy. Our discussion shared resources, trends and best practices in leveraging gifts to make the greatest impact on the issues you support. This brain candy allows me to revisit my corporate finance roots through a social benefit lens—I love talking about models that blend good business and good intentions.

In this conversation I got to tap the expertise of Catalytic Women members and advisors, and draw upon resources and best practices from our members-only library. View this practical discussion of how to make gifts that tap some of the highest return models of business to create significant impact in the world around us—and bring business tools to solving community issues. It also gives me a chance to realize my own vision for community change—by connecting smart women who are influential decision-makers in wealth and giving to the resources and information they need to feel confident and boldly move forward.

Talk about the best job in the world…


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