High Impact Gifts

Our webinar this month addressed a concern of many donors: impact. How do I know that my donations create meaningful change? What do I need to know to make gifts that leverage impact in our communities? And how can I fund the best nonprofit models addressing the issues that concern me?

There is some exciting work being done on collaboration and impact within the nonprofit sector. This presentation was an opportunity to share studies, trends and best practices in ensuring that our gifts make the greatest impact in the communities we support. I got to explore (and draw heavily upon) the findings of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania, and Hope Consulting’s Money for Good research on donor behavior and philanthropic impact—both with thanks to our respective advisors who are leaders there, Kat Rosqueta and Hope Neighbor. I hope you’ll make good use of the download of this practical discussion on how to make gifts that create impact in the world around us—and address challenging community issues in a meaningful way.

Let’s face it. Women make most giving decisions. And, by leveraging our time and talent into funding high-impact nonprofit models, women are funding critical social services and serving as catalysts for broad global change.


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