Women, Wealth and Giving

Two Catalytic Women discussions in August addressed the significant influence of women in wealth and philanthropy—giving through a gender lens. I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Kirby Rosplock, another catalytic woman, at the Purposeful Planning Institute annual conclave and rendezvous in Denver, and it was also the topic of our monthly webinar.

The webinar recording will give you a good idea of both. Download a phone-friendly file to hear about the trends and best practices that we shared on where women gather information and how we are a substantial, influential clientele that is not being well served by traditional practices in financial advising and wealth management. If you’ve been thinking about: How do women make decisions about wealth and giving? What is most important to women as we build our own relationships with advisors and community organizations who speak to our—and our family’s—interests? then this is a program for you to see and hear.

Why women?

  • Women aged 50 and older own over 75% of wealth in the U.S. and are largely dissatisfied with their financial advisors.
  • A recent study found that 70% of widows dismiss their advisor within a year after their spouse dies.
  • Women aged 22-30 earn more than male counterparts in 147 of the largest 150 US cities.
  • 75% of senior male executives have a stay-at-home partner; 74% of senior female executives have a partner who works full time. These women rely on good advice from outside experts.
  • As for the upcoming wealth transfer shift, women will control two-thirds of U.S. consumer wealth in the next 10 years.
  • Women are 53% of the global population and 9 out of 10 women will be on their own financially at some point in their life, thanks to women’s longer life expectancy.

Women are making most household decisions about spending, saving and giving. Yet women make decisions differently then men. This presentation shared fascinating demographic trends and best practices about how women approach wealth. Whether you are a woman who gives (or is thinking about it) or an advisor who works with women, listen to this webinar to learn more about the largest potential market for financial decisions: women.

For starters, women make decisions based on relationships and people. Whether a woman’s wealth is inherited or earned, she may feel ambivalent about it. A woman defines wealth broadly and brings her values to the discussion. As women, we think of “wealth” in the larger context: to share values across generations, to make our positive mark on the world around us, and to build our own financial knowledge from peers and trusted advisors. Women also think about choices that have a community impact now—Why wait for retirement or legacy planning? Women are a creative new force for innovations in wealth and philanthropy.

Big thanks to Kirby Rosplock’s extensive research on women and wealth, whose examples and case studies were included here. I had the pleasure of presenting with Kirby at the Purposeful Planning Institute conference this month in Denver. Whether you are a woman who gives, or a wealth advisor seeking to serve these valuable clients, I hope you’ll listen to our webinar for a practical discussion of the needs of those who are financially most influential—women—and, of course give me your feedback in how you leverage a woman’s unique perspective on wealth!


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