Summer Travel and Philanthropic Journeys…

On this first day of summer I’m reflecting on how hard it can be to walk the talk. Middle school for my kids (Kate 14, Tom 12) ended last week and my intentions have been to use these last few family summers for joy, relaxation and … learning. After all, there’s a whole world out there beyond the comfortable limits of our own town. Summer brings a rare opportunity to carve out precious time for a philanthropic journey.

If you’re also thinking about this issue, we’ll have some practical tips to offer in next month’s webinar on Philanthropic Journeys with Kids. I’m thrilled that Emily Bouchard and Jamie Traeger-Muney of Wealth Legacy Group will join me in sharing their insights on traveling near and far with multiple generations, and weaving conversations about values into your family’s vacation travels.

We provide great resources to members of Catalytic Women, like experiential trips by my friend Maryann at Philanthropy Indaba. I’ll bet you have some experiences to share. How does your family build awareness, appreciation and generosity during the “downtime” of school holidays? What makes it easy to introduce learning while traveling in a way that builds a passion for helping others in children who are privileged (and, often, at an age of determined independence)? I look forward to hearing your favorite stories of philanthropic journeys.

And, if feel you’re not quite there yet or are struggling to walk the talk in engaging your kids, let us and our Advisory Board of experts—including Emily Bouchard—help you craft new journeys of learning. Just email me and I’ll answer your questions or put you in touch with Emily directly.

That, after all, is why we’re here—to make it easy for you to get the information you need on using your time and resources well in giving back with impact.


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