Innovations in Online Giving

We launched our monthly webinar series with a discussion of online resources for giving. Sure, there’s a lot of information out there, but how can we navigate it effectively? What resources exist to guide us to the specific areas that are our interest?

If you’ve intended to “carve out time” in your busy schedule to explore online resources on how to give well, this summary of this webinar will give you the most interesting, innovative resources available. The abundance of web-based information can be overwhelming—and extremely time consuming to explore.

Whether you’re gathering information for your own giving, or to share with clients and colleagues, this webinar offered a wealth of ideas. We reviewed research sources, conferences and convenings, innovations in high leverage giving (impact investing, social venture philanthropy, and microfinance), multigenerational philanthropy, resources for women, issue-focused giving and, even, where to start if you’re new to it all. We’ve mined the internet and done the heavy lifting for you to have maximum philanthropic impact with minimum time.

Katie Cooney is the mastermind behind Catalytic Women’s own online library of nationwide philanthropic resources, and an expert in organizations providing tools for giving, community involvement, and social innovation. This presentation will give you a glimpse of how lucky I am to work with this particular catalytic woman, our Project Manager.


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