Mothers and Daughters: Sharing Stories and Legacies

In honor of Mother’s Day and our mothers—whether near or far, or with us in spirit only—our May salon-style discussion offered a heart-opening conversation about how to use stories in our giving as we share values between mothers and daughters. We explored questions that are vital to our relationships with one another and the organizations we support, but can be hard to ask. Why does my daughter volunteer on certain boards and not others? I’m curious about mom’s choices when it comes to giving, but don’t want to offend her by asking. It was, yet another, enlightening conversation among women.

During this experiential program we learned how to open up with family and friends about philanthropy and legacy, creating inquiries and explorations to share and connect. Funny how creating comfort around those meaningful stories and values in our lives allows us to articulate priorities in our role as women in giving. Emily Bouchard’s skillful facilitation guided us in sharing memories and stories, and creating enduring connections within our families. It was an interactive, compassionate Mother’s Day discussion that left a lasting impact.

Emily specializes in the emotional impact of wealth in people’s lives. She is the Managing Partner of Wealth Legacy Group and Founder of Blended Families, LLC, and has been working with high net worth families since 2004. Along with coaching individuals, couples and families, she consults with advisors to enable them to respond effectively to their client’s emotional needs related to financial and estate planning. A leading expert in the field of step and blended family dynamics, she has been featured on numerous TV and Radio shows including The Today Show and NPR, and has been quoted in the New York Times and Newsweek. She has authored several e-books and speaks on issues related to wealth psychology. Her book, co-authored with Paul Hood, Estate Planning for the Blended Family (Self Counsel Press) is due out this spring. And, best of all, Emily is another talented member of our advisory board. Talk about a group of catalytic men and women!

I love this job.


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