Kirby Rosplock on the Power of Women


This month, I had the great pleasure of hearing expert Kirby Rosplock speak on The Power of Women: Our Global Economic Influence—at a Catalytic Women forum on the growing influence women have on global wealth. Kirby address the big questions, like As a woman, how do I engage, empower and inspire myself and others? How do I lead a fulfilled and productive life with wealth?

There is unprecedented emphasis on the global impact brought about by the power of women. Today, over one billion women participate in the workforce worldwide and, within the next 10 years, women will control 2/3 of the consumer wealth in the U.S. Over the next few years, women will spend an incremental $5 trillion or more on goods and services – a sum that is larger than the emerging markets of China and India combined. Representing 51% of the global population, women are now more than ever poised for leadership and are uniquely positioned to influence change … in themselves as well as others.

Dr. Kirby Rosplock discussed the growing influence women have on global wealth and giving, shedding light on gender differences in the perception and knowledge of wealth. Kirby’s engaged and interactive conversation with Catalytic Women made clear how women approach wealth management, legacy and philanthropic intentions, and the important role women play in our global economies and communities.

As Director of Research and Development in the Innovation and Learning Center of GenSpring Family Offices, Kirby oversees the development of GenSpring’s Wealth Management Process and directs corporate research efforts. In 2006, she completed GenSpring’s Women & Wealth Study involving over 100 affluent women from across the country whose combined net worth exceeded $2 billion. The study explored women’s approach to managing their wealth, involvement, awareness, decision making, attitudes, values and practices for wealth preservation, as well as wealth transfer intentions. The next year she led a follow-on study with affluent men to learn the differences and similarities of their views, attitudes, involvement and practices around wealth. And in 2008, she spearheaded the Alignment Study, comparing and contrasting men’s and women’s different approaches to wealth along with their similarities. She recently led an international study exploring the relationships among family business owners and their advisors.

Kirby is a popular speaker on topics related to family wealth. She has presented at the Women and Wealth Forum, Family Firm Institute, Family Office Exchange, Institute for Private Investors, UW-Madison’s Family Business Center, Family Wealth Alliance, Family Office Symposium, Family Enterprise Research Conference, Family Capital, International Family Enterprise Research Association, and at GenSpring’s Women’s Retreat and Family Symposium. She has been interviewed by Robert Frank, author ofRichistan, and Sean Cole of NPR’s Marketplace, and has been featured in Wealth Manager Magazine. Kirby has authored articles, white papers, scholarly writings and book chapters on women, families and wealth, including a doctoral dissertation on “Women’s Interest, Attitudes and Involvement with their Wealth.”

One thing I love about Kirby is that she walks the talk. Before joining GenSpring in 2004, she was in management consulting as a business consultant, coach and facilitator to entrepreneurs, affluent families, family offices and family businesses. She has helped manage private equity funds as a licensed broker-dealer. But here’s what really gives her uniquely valuable perspective on these issues. Having grown up in a large, complex, affluent family with multiple family businesses, her personal experiences compliment her professional expertise. She is a 4th generation member of a male-dominated family business and is a trustee of her family’s foundation. It hasn’t been easy for her to get there and it’s inspiring to hear her story.

Let me know if you’d like to know more about Kirby’s journey and expertise—I’m happy to introduce you to one of my very favorite catalytic women.


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