Yvonne Hunt on Women’s Intellectual Capital

Yvonne Hunt

Lucky me to get to hear talented Yvonne Hunt, of Legacy Ventures, speak at our March program on Amplifying a Woman’s Financial Capital with her Intellectual Capital. She discussed the human capital that women and others bring to decisions about nonprofit organizations and the serious social and environmental issues they address, answering some of these questions: As a woman, how do I amplify my financial capital with my human capital? How do I go beyond making a gift to bring the breadth of my life experience to the issues that are my passion—and with the limited time I have available?

Given the opportunity, most of us want to make a positive difference, but may need guidance in how to do that more effectively on the issues we care about most. By sharpening and achieving our philanthropic goals, each of us has the ability to make a profound impact in the world around us, leveraging our resources—both our money and, especially, our unique life experience.

Yvonne Hunt offers a unique perspective to the work she does to cultivate and connect the Legacy Venture community of entrepreneurs, leaders and philanthropists, enabling them to exchange ideas, insights and inspiration that help make a bigger difference in the world, individually and together. She brings a passion in the area of diversity and inclusion, with an emphasis on advancing issues critical to women and girls, and has long recognized and supported the important role women play in the world and the need for empowerment programs. Yvonne talks about real life examples of women making a significant difference in the world, and offers guidance on how we, as women, can best approach philanthropy work—amplifying financial capital with human capital. Hearing her talk really allowed us to explore and discuss the important role women play in using our unique expertise, insights and human capital in creating meaningful change in our communities.

As Chief Philanthropy Officer of Legacy Venture, Yvonne works closely with Legacy’s management team and members to amplify their impact as catalysts for change. A native of Great Britain, Yvonne joined Legacy Venture in 2009 from Hewlett-Packard, where she served as Vice President of Global Philanthropy and as Executive Director of the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation. In that capacity, she guided HP’s global philanthropic efforts and helped direct $47 million in grants to non-profit organizations in education, microenterprise development, and the environment. Prior to her philanthropic role at Hewlett-Packard—where she worked for 24 years—Yvonne served as the company’s Vice President of Internal Communications, responsible for advising the CEO and engaging 200,000 employees in HP’s strategic initiatives. Today, in addition to her work at Legacy Venture, she is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum of Silicon Valley, on the Advisory Board for Shriver Reports (focused on Women in America), and an alumna of The Philanthropy Workshop West program.

This is a catalytic woman who knows her stuff, and has seen the issue from all sides. How lucky I am that my work has brought me into contact—and friendship—with Yvonne.


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