Family Wealth and Philanthropy: Engaging Across Generations

Our January program offered strategies to solve the unique challenges that families face in raising their children to give. Philanthropy can be an opportunity to build skills and empathy. How can mothers, aunts and grandmothers help children to become well-adjusted individuals, productive family members, and educated and caring global citizens? Our speaker, Dr. Dennis Jaffe, guided us on ways to engage children by creating positive dialogues in families of wealth: What do we tell them? How do we teach them? When can they participate in giving to those less fortunate?

In our resolutions for the New Year, we think of giving back. Money has many meanings in family and society. A family’s spending and giving patterns are shared across generations, yet children grow up in a different world than their parents. Women have especially important roles to play—as mothers, aunts and grandmothers—in the values of the next generation. This discussion addressed issues related related to women, wealth and legacy as we seek to raise happy, productive children and adults of the next generation.

D.JaffeDennis Jaffe is a professor of organizational systems and psychology at Saybrook University in San Francisco. He advises families about leadership, wealth and philanthropy. His latest book,Stewardship in your Family Enterprise: Developing Responsible Family Leadership Across Generations, addresses the challenges of engaging children in family and community enterprise. He has co-authored Working With the Ones You Love: Building a Successful Family Business, as well as management books Rekindling Commitment and Take this Work and Love It. Dr. Jaffe has written more than a hundred articles on healthy family relationships around wealth management. For 35 years, as an organizational consultant and family therapist, Dennis has helped families to manage the personal and organizational issues that lead to successful and fulfilling transfer of wealth, values, commitments and legacies between generations. In 2005 Dr. Jaffe was awarded the Beckhard Award for service to the field from the Family Firm Institute. He received his BA degree in Philosophy, MA in Management, and Ph.D. in sociology, all from Yale University, and is a licensed psychologist.

And did I mention that Dennis is an advisory board member to Catalytic Women? Indeed, he is a catalytic man.


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